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How do I exhange my timeshare for the top resorts?

How do I rent out my timeshare?

What do I do if I don't want it anymore?

Can you help me with renting it out and what exactly?

How do I get reservations on short notice?

Can I use my timeshare for other things besides vacations?

Timeshare Tips & Tricks - The Book

How to rent out your timeshare, stay at 5 star resorts for pennies on the dollar, and what to do with it when you don't want it any longer.

As a timeshare owner with points and weeks I had no idea I could trade to 5 star resorts like Westin, Marriott, and Four Seasons, that I can get three weeks for one, and I had no knowledge that RCI just changed their entire system in Nov 2010. This book will give you all the inside information you need and want that the developers won't give you! They helped me rent out my units within three days as well ...

- Ryan Cooley, Remax Realtor & Owner of multiple weeks at the Jockey Club, Las Vegas.

A majority of Timeshare owners have no idea how to effectively utilize their program in the best way possible. Once they buy their timeshare they are taught little about how to use it and they never hear from their representative again. Most owners would like the more advanced knowledge on how to effectively rent out their time, take tax deductions with it, trade to 5 star resorts, offset their maintenance dues, or utilize their timeshare when it is convenient for them. Reading this book will give you easy to use step by step instructions on how to get the most out of your ownership and recoup your money in a few short years!

Rental Guidebook

Many timeshare owners would love to rent out their timeshares, but just don't know how. Owners are often taken advantage of by unscrupulous rental companies who take their money and never provide any results. We have developed an easy to use step by step guide that any owner could use to rent out their property by themselves. We give you ideas on Marketing, Getting Paid, Insurance as well as a rental contract providing you the resources to generate income with your property... MORE